Welcome to Computational Biology 2018!

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Course Schedule

Week Topic Due
Aug. 16 Welcome Nothing
Aug. 20: Python Nothing
Aug. 23: Data in Python I HW1 Aug 31
Aug. 28: Data in Python II None
Aug. 30: Python Programs HW2 Sept. 9
Sept. 3: Working with Data in Python III TBA
Sept. 10: Advanced Data Processing Data Proj
Sept. 17: Visualization Nothin’
Sept 24: Python and the Web Read
Oct 1: Finish web TBA
Oct 8: Project management Oct 18: Project 2
Oct 14: Location data in python TBA
Oct 20: LONI Pick a paper
Oct 28: Making a Python Package TBA
Nov 6: Deploying an analysis TBA
Nov 12: Documentation Nov. 15 Project Three
Nov 19: Advanced Topics / project work TBA
Nov 25: Documentation II TBA

Supplemental Resources